Srejon Roy is a visionary. He knows exactly which moments to capture, and how to do so in a way that is grand, theatrical, and opulent. His pictures are not just pictures, they are concepts. Through light, background, and props, he sets the tone for pictures that is both reflective and mysterious. He and his team are very professional, and do a great job of turning the pictures and edited album around very fast after the wedding. I had the best experience using them for my wedding photography as a bride in the NDTV show ``Band Baaja Bride`` in Kolkata. If you are looking for the best photographer for your wedding, Srejon is the one for you!
Testimonial by Sonia Mukherji
Sonia Mukherji
One of the most important thing on your special day is capturing the moments that you would want to cherish forever. And honestly there is no one else to do it better than Srejon and his team. I had booked him for my engagement, pre-wedding shoot and entire wedding shoot, and I am elated with the results. Srejon and his team clicked such amazing pictures that seeing those made me relive all those moments all over again. Srejon is a true artist and the way he edits the pictures is so very different and remarkable. After looking at my engagement pictures my husband and I decided that we had to have him for all our events, a decision we will always be proud of. Srejon understands his clients very well and knows what exactly they want and works with them accordingly. I can't count on the times i have been complimented on the picture album and the video. Srejon, thank you so much for your amazing efforts. You have created such gorgeous memories for us to cherish for a lifetime.
Testimonial by Priyanka Mukherjee
Priyanka Mukherjee
Srejon Roy ensures your wedding pictures steal hearts not just moments!
Testimonial by Pooja Malik
Pooja Malik
Appointing Srejon Imagery to cover the special moments of my wedding and reception was the best decision taken by us. Yes, they have not only clicked the conventional wedding and reception pictures for us but they have also captured some of the best and most special moments of our wedding. Some very candid moments clicked by them are too special in our wedding album. The video coverage was also very good. Video editing is praiseworthy. They did not miss a single important moment. Srejon himself took some of the best closeups for me. These will be treasured for life. Above all, their behavior and conduct, their enthusiasm are worth mentioning. They were always full of energy and very keen on capturing every single moment in their cameras. My family and relatives are too impressed by their work and I would definitely refer all my friends and relatives to approach Srejon Imagery to get a guaranteed good service and get the best pictures of the most special event of their life. Thank you Srejon Imagery.
Testimonial by Tanumita Das
Tanumita Das
It was really nice to get to know Srejon & his work. My Wedding would not be as beautiful as it was without him. I still get a lot of compliments of choosing him as my wedding photographer. My wedding pictures & videos were just outstanding & for lifetime. They actually captured all the moments my wedding had. He & his group surely deserves a round of applause. He has now become a very good friend. Thanx Srejon for your nice effort to make my wedding special. Cheers....
Testimonial by Sreyashi Basu
Sreyashi Basu
Firstly thanks a lot Srejon for capturing some priceless moments of our wedding. To all who are getting married soon just contact him because you will get some photographs which will make your memories come alive & remain fresh forever. For me & my husband Swagatam Roy, YOU are the BEST.
Testimonial by Moumita Roy
Moumita Roy
When i was looking for a wedding photographer i was pretty unsure about choosing the same. But now i can say that i have taken the right decision by choosing Srejon Imagery.Thanks a lot for capturing our unforgettable wedding memories. We absolutely loved the video and as well as the wedding photos as you have captured the emotion, fun moments & rituals in candid way.
Testimonial by Debaleena Ghosh
Debaleena Ghosh
Honesty and sincerity are two of Srejon's assets. His strengths are his creativity, patience and listening skills paired with his sense of humor and a touch of class. He is an excellent photographer with an artistic eye. Few days back, we got our pictures from Srejon, and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW! I can't thank Srejon enough for the wonderful photography that he did on my Sister's Wedding ceremony. Srejon has a gift for capturing beauty in every shot he takes. It is quite apparent that Srejon have already won everyone's heart through his great photography skills. Each and every snaps with his photoshopic touchup have far exceeded our expectations. Only a true professional would take the time to choose among the best stills and edit each of them. It's unusual to find a photographer who is reasonable, gives you all the softcopies and several prints as well!<br /> Srejon, thanks a ton for helping us memories such a special moment in our lives with your amazing talent.
Testimonial by Shivashis Podder
Shivashis Podder
In the new era of wedding photography you can't just overlook a name, yes, that's Srejon. He did the Photography & Videography for our Reception & which was appreciated by everyone! Whenever we look at the photographs it gives us sheer joy & we relive the glorious moments! We wish him all the success for his future projects.
Testimonial by Paromita Roy
Paromita Roy
``Srejon Imagery`` team photographed our wedding and I cannot say enough positive things about him! Quite simply, Srejon is amazing at what he does! It was very important for us to find the right match in photographic style and personality. From our initial conversations with him, we suspected he might be the right match. He was laid back, funny and was clearly passionate about photography. Plus, it was important to us that we get a natural, photo-journalistic style for the wedding. A few months after booking Srejon for the wedding (hint: he books up fast, so call him early!) we had a pre-wedding photo shoot at Kolkata. This was an excellent way for us to get comfortable in front of the camera. And it was a good thing for us - I was much more uncomfortable at first than I expected, but Srejon was great at warming us up and getting us relaxed. The pictures came out wonderfully! Srejon Imagery team photographed a cocktail event and the Wedding-reception. Amazing photographs!!! They took incredible photos at a difficult-to-navigate ceremony. He sped through (at our urging) the staged family photos. And he captured a ton of great candid and emotional shots throughout the reception. We knew he would do a terrific job - the photos were better than we ever could have expected! And, just as important, Srejon and his team was a delight at the wedding! We have so many great memories now captured forever and have Srejon to thank! We almost wish that we could have another wedding just to work with him again!
Testimonial by Priyanka Dutta
Priyanka Dutta
We had a great experience with Srejon and team. The photographs were fabulous and the editing was superb. Everyone in my family and friends loved the photographs. Thanks Srejon for making my special day memorable!
Testimonial by Sanyukta Chakraborty
Sanyukta Chakraborty
Srejon Imagery was referred to me by a friend and I already knew about their work because I had seen the pictures before and I loved them. I had just 2 weeks in India to prepare for everything and Srejon and his team impressed me with their exemplary professionalism and dedication to work. My pictures have come out amazing and I truly love them but what I loved more was the complete ease that I had with any communication with Srejon. Thanks for everything. Srejon, kudos to you... To have this level of talent and to run a business with such high level of professionalism is truly something to be proud of.
Testimonial by Nilanjana Chakrabarti
Nilanjana Chakrabarti
Srejon, I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding job you have done. The pictures you have taken for lifetime. Till date people ask me about who my wedding photographer is. Beside being awesome at your work, you are truly humble person too. I'm grateful to you.
Testimonial by Riya Sharma
Riya Sharma
Srejon is an extremely talented wedding photographer with equally good behavioural qualities, which is a rare combination these days. He pays attention to every detailed requirement of his clients, be it the bride and groom or their family members. He delivers well around his timelines and is always only a call away. He clicks beautiful pictures not only of the bride and groom but his entire event coverage with his team is absolutely impeccable. A wedding album by Srejon would always be an asset to be cherished forever.
Testimonial by Moulee Choudhury
Moulee Choudhury
“Srejon” (Bengali word for creation), the name itself is a reflection of the individual. I appreciate the prophecy of the person who was wise enough to name the boy Srejon. Months back, as we were preparing for our wedding, I was recommended to have a glance of “srejon Imagery” page in Fb by two of my very close, wiser and younger friends. Not to mention I was undoubtedly impressed but was more so after I met the guy out of the virtual world. A very cool and unassuming young guy always with a cheerful smiling face, srejon became more like a buddy within an hour. As for his contribution to the ceremony...we r thoroughly fascinated by his work. His dexterity in photography is too refined and subtle to make any one fall in love with the art. Not only Srejon himself but he has an excellent group of fellows who r competent enough to make Srejon Imagery a Brand in the field.
Testimonial by Maitreyee Banarjee
Maitreyee Banarjee
Srejon did a great job in our wedding. He and his team mates are all well behaved and very much punctual. All the photos are beautiful and we are full satisfied with the album.
Testimonial by Sukanya Mitra
Sukanya Mitra
We just loved the album and the video editing,song selection and picture quality-everything was just great! Thanks a lot for shaping our memories this good. You surely have miles to go as a photographer!! Thanks again!
Testimonial by Anweshsa Bhattacharjee
Anweshsa Bhattacharjee
Srejon was recommended to me by a friend of mine. From the moment I looked at some of his previous work I knew he was perfect for our wedding. He has the perfect eye to capture the beautiful moments that make a wedding day. His creative idea is evident in all the photos he had taken, be it our wedding photographs or post wedding photos. He is a very humble guy, he listened exactly what I want while also giving invaluable advice. I am so happy when my friends meet me and praise my wedding photographs after so many months. Credit goes to Srejon.
Testimonial by Anirban Chakraborty
Anirban Chakraborty
First look at Srejon and you might feel that he is a shy, young boy but once you see the pictures that he clicks it is then you realize that he is a master in his craft. Must say he made our wedding festivities very special and memorable by clicking an array of amazing photos. Best part was that he hardly made us pose for those. More than that, his endearing behavior and lovable nature has ensured that he has become a part of our family.
Testimonial by Charul Dey
Charul Dey
I had asked Srejon to cover my engagement ceremony. I was highly impressed by his skills with the candid moments. Both the edited and non edited photographs had come out pretty good. So it was a very good experience for me.
Testimonial by Ankur Dey Tarafder
Ankur Dey Tarafder
I had less than 2 months to prepare for my wedding and I was nervous about finding a good photographer at such short notice, then I came across Srejon through someone's recommendation and I contacted him straight away. It was one of the best decisions I made when I realized that he is able to quickly understand my needs and my personal style and capture them beautifully through his lens. He is really great at what he does and we are extremely happy with the wedding shots he has taken for us. He is keen and observes the slightest details and portrays moments beautifully through his pictures. I would recommend his work to most of my friends who are getting married soon. Keep up the great work Srejon, and thanks again for the wonderful album you have created for us.
Testimonial by Upasana Roy
Upasana Roy
Me and my fiance had a wonderful experince with our pre wedding photo shoots. When we received the pictures, we realized why this guy has been rated by NDTV as one of the top photographers. Thanks Srejon Imagery.
Testimonial by Trisha Chakraborty
Trisha Chakraborty
When I was searching wedding photographers for my wedding my eyes were stuck to Srejon Imagery's profile. Srejon Imagery's photos are full of vibrant colors that makes his photos very much different from other wedding photographers. I love the way he uses colors in photos which is very much significant for Indian weddings. There is no doubt about his creativity and way of angle he sees a subject. Apart from that Srejon and his team are extremely professional in respect of well behavior and punctuality.Appointing Srejon is one of my best decision.
Testimonial by Sudipto Som
Sudipto Som